Month: October 2020

Electricians On The Gold CoastElectricians On The Gold Coast

Choosing an electrician on the Gold Coast can be tough. There are so many great companies that offer a wide range of services. These can include tv installation, air conditioning, thermal imaging and solar. Therefore homeowners should take the time to visit each companies websites, read reviews and ensure that the services they require can be performed safely by the company.

It is now also quite common practice that people attempt to DIY their electrical work. Although it is believed that this might save them money, electrical work can be dangerous and should only be carried out by an expert. Most of the time, Gold Coast homeowners end up calling professional electricians after finding out that their DIY tricks fail to provide the right result. It is also good to remember that electrical work is risky and even if the DIY attempt doesn’t cause injury at first, it may eventuate in the harm of another family member or friend in the future. 

When choosing an experienced and professional electrician from the Gold Coast, you should look up their qualifications. All Queensland electricians alike are required to complete an apprenticeship which generally takes up to four years. They start by enrolling in a Certificate II in Electrotechnology through a registered training provider or TAFE, they then apply for an electrical apprenticeship. This includes further structured training through this training organisation which they then qualify to complete a Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician. At the end of their apprenticeship, they sit an exam and upon passing and being signed off by that company, they will receive their full electrical license. 

Many young people live on the Gold Coast due to its great lifestyle offerings and as corporate jobs are not as available, many choose to become electrical apprentices as once qualified, the job can provide great financial stability and a steady amount of work. If you are hiring an electrician Gold Coast area, it can be a great thing to choose a company that is open to employing apprentices, that way you are giving young people the opportunity of employment and experience. If you are concerned about having these trainees work on your home, you can rest easy knowing that they are always supervised by qualified tradesman who tests and checks all of their work.

If you are looking to hire an electrician on the Gold Coast for residential work, you should check that the company has a contractors electrical licence. Most electricians have this qualification if they are advertising that they work on homes but is good to check as it is not always necessary if they were previously employed by commercial or industrial organisations. To achieve this licence, electricians must have been working as a fully qualified tradesman for over 5 years. 

It is important to watch out for newly qualified electrical tradesman that offer ‘cash jobs’. Although they are fully qualified electricians and will most likely do a great job, it can sometimes cause problems with things such as building electrical inspections, licence agreements with other trades and insurance. Although if you are renovating or building a home yourself and not having to be concerned about interfering with the legal implications placed on other trades
(e..g. Builders, carpenters etc.) then hiring someone who is a little bit cheaper without a contractors licence is perfectly acceptable and it can help you save a bit of money. These electricians usually don’t promote their services but are generally friends or family members. 

When looking for an electrician on the Gold Coast is not only important to ensure they have their electrical licence but also that they have other safety qualifications and certificates as well. There are things such as; a construction induction white card, drivers licence, working at heights safely ticket, CPR licence, EWP licence, First Aid,  fault finding, plc programming and an LVR certificate. These should all be listed on your potential contractor’s website. 

After you have identified that your Gold Coast electrical company has the appropriate qualifications and has great testimonials, you can give each of the shortlisted companies a call and see who can offer you the best pricing. It is always a good idea to get a company that offers free quotes to give you a basic assessment of how much the job will cost and you can make your final decisions based on the average price and skills that they offer. …