Acoustic Lighting Solutions For the Workplace

All offices need adequate lighting and yet why not go for lighting that also has sound-absorbing qualities? Such a product is known as acoustic lighting, which can greatly influence the acoustic quality of open-plan rooms and office spaces. Sound-isolated lights have properties that are not found in other normal types of lighting.


Some acoustic lighting fixtures are placed within walls or ceilings, while others are placed above or alongside desks. The positioning and the direction in which the light is pointing will determine the effectiveness of the sound barrier. For example, if the light is needed to light a conference room, then it could be placed in an upwards or downwards direction. If it is needed to light an office space, then it could be angled horizontally, or placed in an upwards direction. Such ceiling fixtures would help create an open-plan design, with several different workstations located close to each other.

Fitness Centres

Ceiling fixtures are also commonly used in gyms and fitness centers. With the noise levels of such facilities often high-decibel and have thumping music basslines, acoustic products can help reduce the amount of noise that permeates the environment. They work by reducing the noise emission through the seams and air vents of the ceiling and textured surfaces. Some models also feature baffle plates that can be adjusted to redirect sound to soft paneling to muffle the noise further.

Office Applications

Acoustic lighting fixtures are often used in open-plan offices. These offices are designed so that the floor space is wide and the room can be configured in almost any way. However, these spaces tend to have an echo due to their lack of walls and paneling. Acoustic light fixtures can be installed to provide less echo without compromising the space by adding soft walls and other noise muffling structures.

An acoustic lighting product for an open-plan room typically has a variety of different components. One popular type of such fixture is a pendant light. The pendants themselves are actually the sound-absorbers, and in addition to this, the reflective surface of the pendant keeps ambient light from shining into the open area of the room. Other acoustic lighting options include recessed fixtures and sconces. Recessed acoustic lighting is less intrusive than sconces as the lights are always on one plane.

There are a variety of ways to incorporate acoustic lighting solutions into the workplace. These solutions tend to be effective at reducing external noise, and they can also serve to improve work productivity and enhance the ambiance of the workplace. For this reason, many companies make use of such products throughout their facilities. Such acoustic lighting solutions may prove useful in other areas as well, such as hospitals and other types of businesses that may require the reduction of noise.

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